Where it exists in University systems of record, the data required for your FSAS profile are provided for you. These data include demographic and contact information, teaching records, funding applications and current grants. If these data are not correct please contact your college point of contact (POC) who is also your College Administrator for FSAS who can be found at the following link

Publication information can be imported directly from PubMed or from EndNote, Google Scholar, Medeley, RefWorks, Scopus, Web of Science or Zotero using a BibTeX file. For information on using a BibTex file please refer to this documentation ( ) For information on importing publication information directly from PubMed please refer to this documentation ( )

The FSAS team is creating a data dictionary that will be published here when it is completed. The data dictionary will identify the original source of the data in the FSAS fields. This will help you and your college administrator determine the best course of action for correcting the data.

Please refer to the FAQ or training page for help in uploading publication data directly into FSAS.