1. What is Digital Measures, Activity Insight or FSAS?
  2. Do I need to sign up for an account?
  3. How do I log into the system?
  4. Where do I go for training?
  5. What fields do I need to complete?
  6. Data in certain fields is prepopulated and can’t be edited but it is incorrect. How do I get the data corrected?
  7. How can I import my publication information?
  8. How often do I have to use the system?
  9. Who can see my data?
  10. Who do I contact for help?


  1. Digital Measures is the name of the company that has developed and supports the cloud or software as a service (SAAS) product Activity Insight™ which CSU has selected to replace the Faculty Activity System (FAS.) CSU refers to the system as the Faculty and Staff Activity System or FSAS.  FSAS is a secure and reliable web-based tool for faculty to collect, manage and report their teaching, research, and service activities, along with their accomplishments and professional activities. Once the activities are entered this information is easily accessible and ready to use again and again.
  2. If you have a CSU EID then you have an account. Your college administrator will need to activate your account for you to have access. Your college administrator is identified on the College Points of Contact page.
  3. Navigate to the Login page on the FSAS website (fsas.colostate.edu) You will be directed to the FSAS login where you will enter your EID and password. Please contact your college administrator if you have trouble.
  4. Navigate to the Training page on the FSAS website. There is also a link to the Digital Measures library on their website which you can reach from a link on the Why Digital Measures page of the FSAS website.
  5. Please consult with your supervisor to understand the evaluation criteria for your school and discipline. You may also run the CSU – Faculty Tenure and Promotion Report to understand the information required by the Provost.
  6. When it exists in University systems of record the data required to complete your FSAS profile is provided for you. If this data is not correct please contact your college administrator who can be found on the College Points of Contact page. As FSAS is not a system of record for this data it is important that the owner of the system of record be contacted and the data corrected.
  7. Publication information can be imported directly from PubMed or from EndNote, Google Scholar, Medeley, RefWorks, Scopus, Web of Science or Zotero using a BibTeX file. For information on using a BibTex file please refer to this documentation (http://info.digitalmeasures.com/bibtex ) For information on importing publication information directly from PubMed please refer to this documentation (http://info.digitalmeasures.com/pubmed )
  8. FSAS is the recommended tool to create the data for Promotion and Tenure dossiers. We recommend that you use the system throughout the year and not just for preparing annual review information. In the long-run faculty will see the benefit of a central repository for reducing administrative burden around performance evaluation tasks including pre-populated information, easier reporting, preparation of the Tenure and Promotion dossier, creation of post-tenure review materials, accreditation reporting and faculty website support. FSAS will also enhance our ability to identify opportunities for internal ideation, collaboration, teaming, international activities, engagement, outreach activities and proposal development. For example, a central repository for external funding and publication statistics will allow the University and faculty to adopt a data-driven approach for catalyzing and assembling interdisciplinary teams to develop novel approaches to research problems. Once assembled these teams will be well positioned to compete for large, impactful externally-funded projects.
  9. Access to data is controlled through robust hierarchical security. Digital Measures has taken many steps to create a safe environment for your information while still making it easy for you to securely access it. For more information about Digital Measures security practices and policies, see Serious Security. All data provided by and collected for CSU by Digital Measures are solely owned by CSU. As per the terms in Digital Measures’ standard service agreement, your data cannot be disclosed, reused, sold, or disseminated in any way by Digital Measures. Further, per our standard service agreement, Digital Measures legally agrees to take steps to protect your confidential data just as we would any confidential data belonging to us.
  10. If you have questions concerning system operation or prepopulated data other than “Funded Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research” please review the FAQ or contact your college administrator. Your college administrator can be identified on the College Points of Contact page. FSAS is not the system of record for prepopulated data. Therefore it is important to work through your college administrator to correct the data in the system of record so that it is correct for FSAS and all other University uses. For “Funded Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research” please contact Doug Leavell (leavell@colostate.edu) If your primary assignment is not in an academic department but you have a secondary appointment that requires an academic review and you are unable to log into FSAS because you do not have an active account please contact Doug Leavell.