Why Digital Measures?

FSAS has been in use in several colleges and will replace the Faculty Activities System (FAS) and various other electronic and paper systems used across the institution to collect achievements for annual performance reviews. The FSAS tool is used by many other major universities to reduce the burden around the collection, maintenance and reporting of faculty teaching, research and service accomplishments.  Supported by a robust user community, FSAS represents a significant process improvement for faculty activity collection and will provide numerous benefits to both individual faculty and to the institution as a whole.

*FSAS will be utilized for the Calendar Year 2016 annual review cycle. Thus, it is important for faculty to ensure, at a minimum, that their CY 2016 activity data are entered into the system to facilitate the performance review process beginning January 15, 2017.*

The following links take you to Digital Measures’ website for  an overview video and an extensive library of documentation.

Why Digital Measures

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